About Us

At DrinkMore Water, our mission is to provide our customers with the absolute highest quality bottled water and related products in
such a way that we never fail to exceed our customer’s expectations. We strive to provide Outstanding Customer Service to all of our customers. Real live people who live in this area answer our phones – not some remote call center where they have to ask you what state Rockville or McLean is in.

We are also very committed to our community. Our guiding business philosophy is to effect positive change through social responsibility and good corporate citizenship. We support literally hundreds of events and charitable causes throughout our community every year. We’re not some big, foreign-owned multi-national corporation that has to answer to Wall Street. We work and live in the community. We raise our kids in the community. Our owner – Bob Perini – is here every day (well, almost every day!)  and he takes exceptional pride in delivering our customers the best possible products with a fanatical approach to customer service.  It’s been that way since day one.  And we’re proud to be a socially responsible member of our community – creating stable, good-paying jobs and providing our employees with a fun, friendly atmosphere in which they can thrive and make a difference.  You can help make a difference too, simply by doing business with DrinkMore Water.

Perhaps, the best way to explain our philosophy is through an example that is literally repeated every single day.  When you call in to our office, our phones are answered by real people in a real office right here in Gaithersburg.  And the one thing you’ll immediately notice is that our customer service reps are friendly and happy!!  They’re interested in helping you with any request or concern or order that you may have.  They are a very happy bunch and do a fantastic job of representing the Company exactly like every business owner would want their business represented.  Calling us is a pleasure that will leave a smile on your face!