Looking for Bottled Water Delivery in Fairfax, Va?

Bottled Water Service in Fairfax, Virginia (VA)

If you’re looking for the best bottled water or purified water delivery for your Fairfax home or office, you’ve come to the right place. DrinkMore Water is the largest locally owned bottled water company serving the Fairfax, Virginia area and has been providing your neighbors—in Kings Park, Old Town, Van Dyke, and more—with the purest water on the market for over 20 years!

We feature a wide variety of bottled water products and water delivery services for both residential and commercial customers throughout the Northern Virginia area, including:

  • purified bottled water in 3- and 5-gallon bottles
  • Glass bottles in 3-gallon and 5-gallon sizes
  • BPA-free bottles in 5-gallon sizes
  • Bottled water by the case in 12-oz, 16.9-oz, and more sizes
  • Custom and private labeled water
  • Water coolers for the home & office
  • Water dispensers for the home & office
  • Single-cup coffee delivery service

Bottled Water Delivery in Fairfax, Virginia (VA)

DrinkMore Water is local to the DC metro area—we’re not a big national corporation lacking in customer service. Our delivery route managers know your city like the back of their hands and regularly drive by the old courthouse, waving as they pass our many satisfied customers. When it comes to bottled water delivery, it makes a huge difference that we are located close to your Fairfax home or office—it means quicker delivery times and better ability to deal with any problems that arise.

Options for Bottled Water Delivery Services

Our bottled water comes in a number of different sizes to meet your needs. We offer:

  • Easy-to-carry 12-oz bottles
  • Larger 16.9-oz bottles
  • Sporty 24-oz bottles
  • 3-gallon bottles
  • 5-gallon bottles

Better yet, our bottles have built-in handles for easy gripping to reduce the chances of spilling water on your kitchen floor or office carpeting. It’s time to stop lugging all of those cases home from the grocery store and making a mess when you have to refill your filtered water pitcher daily! Our water delivery route managers can ensure that your home or office never runs out of purified bottle water.

Looking for Bottled Water Delivery in Fairfax, VA?

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Bottled Water Delivery for Offices in Fairfax, VA

Did you know that Fairfax is ranked in the top one percent for its rate of sole proprietors per capita? In addition to the high number of startups in your town, Fairfax is also known for its banking, technological, automotive, and governmental offices. Your workers no longer need to waste time and billable hours ensuring your office is stocked with bottled water—we bring the water right to your workspace.

Bottled Water Delivery for Homes in Fairfax, VA

Whether you are located off of Fairfax Boulevard or get home via Interstate 50, we can make sure your family has the best water available. Our mission is to provide you with the purest bottled water—delivered right to your door. With us, you can count on the highest level of pure water, BPA-free bottles, and outstanding customer service.

Call us at 1-800-697-20701-800-697-2070 today to see how we can meet your home or office water delivery needs!

Purified Water in Fairfax, Virginia (VA)

When it comes to water, purity should be the most important consideration. Pure water tastes better and it’s better for you! DrinkMore Water’s 12-step purification system removes 99.5 percent of all impurities, making DrinkMore Water one of the purest waters on the planet.

It seems that almost every day offers a new report about the harmful effects of chemical contaminants, pesticides, and herbicides found in the local tap water. Did you know, in a study from the New York Times, water from the Fairfax County Water Authority tested positive for 11 contaminants, including atrazine, bromoform, choloform, nitrate, and more? That still doesn’t include the hundreds of chemicals found in tap water that remain unregulated. Do you know what is coming out of your sink?

Many Fairfax residents also complain of a chlorine-like taste and odor from their water, especially during the late spring. This coincides with the seasonal practice of local water main flushing from April to June. If you prefer a safe and superior tasting water source for your family or employees, schedule bottled water delivery services to ensure quality water year round.

Trust Purified Water from DrinkMore Water

The thoroughness of our purification system puts your mind at ease! It’s no wonder we’ve become the number one locally owned bottled water company serving the Fairfax area. Never had our water? Sign up today and we’ll offer you your first four 5-gallon bottles at no charge* (Refundable deposits apply to your initial delivery).

DrinkMore Water is very distinct from ordinary spring, distilled, and mineral waters (as you can read about below) because of the custom-engineered system we use to purify your water. This unique system, available for your inspection at our state-of-the-art bottling facility, incorporates 12 steps to ensure DrinkMore Water’s absolute purity.

Concerned about the purity of your water? Contact us to learn more and compare your local water to our Fairfax bottle water services.

Distilled Water vs. Our Purified Water

People often ask us what the difference is between distilled water and the purified water we produce—which is purified using Reverse Osmosis. There are actually a number of different ways that you can purify water. At DrinkMore Water, we strongly prefer Reverse Osmosis because it produces the purest water with the least amount of energy—and we are all aware about how much energy costs these days. Our water is as pure as (or more pure than) distilled water, but we achieve this purity using a different, more efficient, process—allowing us to offer you the best delivery service without a premium price.

Distillation is one of the oldest forms of water purification and customers often seek distilled water for various types of equipment. While many instruction manuals for equipment require low or no mineral water (including dentist office autoclaves) and suggest using distilled water, DrinkMore Water’s purified water is actually perfect for use with such equipment.

Many of the Fairfax area’s leading dentists use DrinkMore Water for exactly this reason—in addition to keeping themselves and their patients well-hydrated! Our purification process removes all of the metals and heavy minerals that can damage sensitive equipment but in an easier, more affordable method for your home or office water supply.

The Truth about Spring Water in Fairfax, VA

By now, you know the importance of water purity. Your family, your coworkers, and you deserve the purest water you can get—so, does that include spring water? Sellers of bottled spring water have clever, and legally permissible, methods of marketing their products that may seem a bit misleading to the average Fairfax consumer. Let’s break down what’s really behind the national labels on your spring water bottles:

  • 100 percent pure – as it turns out, the “100 percent pure” claim doesn’t refer to the absence of impurities in the water they bottle for you, but to the source of the water itself. That is, 100 percent of the water in the bottle came from a spring, rather than from surface water.
  • Natural water – what often conjures up images of a pristine wilderness setting in the minds of their consumers, can really mean any non-man-made source of water—adding Great Fall and the Potomac River to the list of “natural water sources.” Considering how vague the term “natural” is, the local tap water for your Fairfax home or office could be a natural water source. However, there wouldn’t be too many Fairfax residents that would just drive across I-66 to bottle up some “pure” Potomac River water.
  • Protected sources when most people hear this term, they think about a remote mountain spring, far away from the pollution of civilization, when in reality it’s more often a well-head surrounded by a chain link fence (hence the “protection”). Some of the most popular spring water consumed by many Fairfax residents actually comes from a collection of springs in southern Pennsylvania. If you’ve ever driven on the PA Turnpike, you’d realize that there are few parts remote enough to be pristine.

If you’re going to spend money on bottled water for your home or office, the single most important consideration should be getting the highest purity bottled water out there. DrinkMore Water is exactly that. Instead of marketing vague terms to confuse our customers, you can read through our water bottling process to understand why we offer the purest and best option for bottled water services in Fairfax, Virginia.

Water Coolers in Fairfax, Virginia (VA)

While you might be able to pick up a water cooler at a number of stores throughout Fairfax, you should be aware of the quality (or lack thereof) that your purchase comes with.

Store-bought water coolers often:

  • Are inexpensive units made in Asia that are cheap (in both meanings of the word)
  • Are made of cheap, low-grade plastic parts
  • Have irreplaceable spigots and parts that easily break
  • Give your water an unpleasant taste of plastic from the cooler’s soft plastic reservoir
  • Have problems with slow flow, water leakage, and temperature control

At DrinkMore Water, we don’t carry those low-end, cheap water coolers—it’s not worth our time or our customers’ time. We pick our coolers specifically for their reliability and durability—every water cooler dispenser has a built-in spill-proof system to prevent spilled water and injuries. For your Fairfax home or office, we offer:

  • Water cooler rentals
  • Water coolers for purchase

All of our purchased water coolers come with a five-year warranty (provided by us from the manufacturer) and we handle any issue with rental units for the duration of the rental.

Schedule Your Fairfax Bottled Water Delivery Services

When it comes to your residential or commercial bottled water deliver services, you can’t go wrong with DrinkMore Water. After 20 years of success in the Northern Virginia area, we’ve put our customers first and perfected our business model with our:

  • Water purity – you’re most likely buying bottled water because you are unsatisfied with the purity and taste of your tap or spring water. With our 12-stage state-of-the-art purification system, we ensure that our water always meets the FDA and U.S. Pharmacopeia standards for purified water. That means you will always get the same, fantastic tasting water with every delivery order.
  • BPA-free bottles – to put your needs first, we’ve invested nearly a million dollars to completely change out our bottle inventory from polycarbonate (containing BPA) to PET. Our customers shouldn’t need to worry about BPA levels affecting the purity of their water.
  • Hassle-free convenience – we take all the work off of you by delivering bottled water right to your door. No more lugging up cases to your fifth-story office space or trying to find storage in your Fairfax home for your big-box store cases of water. We make sure that you never run out of water, always have enough cups, are offered good pricing options, easily understand our invoices, and more! Take the stress off yourself and enjoy DrinkMore Water’s delivery services.
  • Outstanding customer service – we guarantee that your calls will be answered promptly by a member of our friendly customer service team. Our delivery crew will go out of their way to make your day easier and even provide 24-hour rush service, ensuring that you will never run out of bottled water.

Contact us today, or fill out the form to the right, to sign up for bottled water delivery to your Fairfax home or office with DrinkMore Water!

*Refundable deposits apply to your initial delivery

Giving Back to Fairfax

Simply by doing business with DrinkMore Water you can support disadvantaged youth, education, and other important causes through our Community Focus Program. Some of the organizations we support in Fairfax include: