Home Water Delivery

When you’re looking for the best name in home water delivery in MD, DC or VA for you and your family, look no further than DrinkMore Water.  Our mission is to provide you with the highest purity bottled water – delivered right to your door.  We’re not some big multi-national corporation – we’re locally owned and operated and we live and work right here in the Greater Washington DC area.

When choosing which company you’re going to have deliver your bottled water, there are a number of things to consider:

1.  Water Purity – after all, isn’t the reason you’re buying bottled in the first place because you aren’t particularly happy with the purity and the taste of tap water?  That is the number one reason people choose to drink bottled water.  But, all bottled waters are definitely NOT the same.  At DrinkMore Water, we employ a 12-stage state-of-the-art purification system that produces an extremely consistent, high purity water.  Our bottled water ALWAYS meets the FDA and U.S. Pharmacopeia standards for purified water. What that means for you is that you ALWAYS get the same, fantastic tasting water with every home bottled water delivery.

Well, isn’t spring water pure, too?  No, and in most cases, it’s not even close.  Spring water obviously bubbles it way up to the surface, dissolving all sorts of contaminants along the way.  Water is the universal solvent.  While there may be some chemicals and minerals that get dissolved into spring waters that are fine, it’s not possible to dissolve just the good things.  With the good, come the bad.  And as far as the good goes, there’s simply not enough in there to make a significant contribution to your body’s health.  But as for the bad stuff, if you are of the mind that you’d like to at least minimize the number and amount of contaminants you consume in your water – then it’s the purity of the water that’s all important!  And, if it’s all about purity, then the clear choice for your home water delivery service is DrinkMore Water!

2.  BPA-free Bottles – we are so committed to purity that we have literally invested nearly a million dollars to completely change out our bottle inventory from polycarbonate (which can contain BPA) to PET (the same plastic used in single serve bottles).  We were the FIRST company (to our knowledge) to completely change out their ENTIRE bottle inventory.  Why did we do it?  For purity reasons, of course.  While there remains much debate over the issue of BPA, we didn’t want our customers to have to worry about it.  And now, you don’t.

3.  Convenience – yes, convenience is a very important component of getting water delivered to your home.  Sure, you can buy water at the grocery store and slug it home – but that is task that everyone hates.  But there’s a lot more to real convenience.  For example, all of our water coolers have a spill-free top and all of our bottles have a special cap which eliminates messy spills – you will never spill a drop.  And if you ever need a special delivery – it’s not a big deal – we make special deliveries every single day.

And, of course, all of our bottles (except glass) have handles on them to make them very easy to lift onto your water cooler!  We were one of the first companies to introduce handles on water bottles.

4. Outstanding Customer Service – this is such a key component of our core operating beliefs.  We strive to provide every home water delivery customer with truly outstanding customer service! That philosophy starts with our CEO and resonates through every single employee.  Our customer service team answers your phone call – our goal is to answer within 3 rings.  No call center in some distant city where they ask you if its Vienna Virginia or Vienna, Austria.  No bureaucratic chain of command typically found in big companies.  We guarantee you that your calls will be answered promptly by a member of our customer service team in a friendly, happy way.  After your call ends, you’ll be thinking “wow, now THAT was outstanding customer service!”.

We will be here whenever you need us.  When there’s a crazy weather event, we’ll be here.  Blizzards of a couple years ago – we were here.  We couldn’t get our trucks to every house that was buried in snow – but we got to most of them! Hurricanes, wind storms, power outages – we will do our best to keep you on schedule – and, if Mother Nature has just been too cruel – we’ll be there as soon as we are humanly able! We guarantee it.

So, if you’re looking to start up home water delivery service or you’re thinking about finding a water delivery company that truly values you as a customer – you’ve found the best – DrinkMore Water!