Keurig Brewers

Not only is DrinkMore Water the best stop when it comes to your office’s water needs, we also offer a fantastic office coffee service featuring Keurig single cup coffee makers for offices in MD, DC, and VA. We carry everything your office needs to offer your employees an amazing single cup coffee experience.

Keurig has revolutionized the way we now consume coffee. No longer is your office stuck between the same old choices of just regular or decaf coffee. One person can enjoy a cup of French Vanilla while the next person can have their French Roast. There are even teas and hot chocolate for those who don’t even drink coffee. With the Keurig one cup coffee machine, a fresh cup of coffee or tea is just a simple push of a button away! Plus, there are no messy grinds to clean, pots to wash, or stale coffee to throw away- an often overlooked hidden cost of traditional brewers. No matter the size of your office, DrinkMore Water carries a Keurig single serve brewer that will fit your office’s needs.

Small Offices

The Keurig B140 is the ideal brewer for any office with 10 employees or less. It’s detachable reservoir and compact size will allow you to place it anywhere in your office for easy, convenient single cup brewing. They are perfect to spruce up your conference room to impress your top clients.

Medium Offices

The Keurig B150, Keurig B150P, and Keurig B200 are all great fits for any office with 10-50 employees. These brewers give you the flexibility of either plumbing them directly to a water line or using them as a pour over brewer.

We also carry the brand new Keurig Vue V1200. With the Keurig Vue, you can now brew fresh Lattes and Cappuccinos right in your office. It will also offer extra customization allowing you to brew your cup of coffee stronger, bigger, and hotter. The Vue is a must have for any office wanting an out of this world single cup coffee experience.

Large Offices

The Keurig B3000SE is the perfect brewer for any office with 50 or more employees. The Keurig B3000SE can be plumbed directly into a water line and is designed to handle the rigorous demands of larger offices.


The Keuirg B130 is a compact brewer designed to be used in individual hotel rooms. Hotels can now enhance their guest’s experience by offering them delicious single cup coffee from popular roasters such as Green Mountain Coffee and Starbucks. The Keurig B130 is also easy to clean to help improve the efficiency of your hotel staff.

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