Stainless Cooler

DrinkMore Water offers top of the line stainless steel coolers for homes and office in MD, DC, and VA. Our stainless steel water cooler is made by Crystal Mountain Coolers- they make the best water coolers out there! Our stainless steel coolers will all be room temperature/cold coolers and are available for purchase with a 5 year warranty. Our 5 gallon, 3 gallon, and glass bottles will all fit on our stainless steel coolers. All of our stainless coolers are equipped with a water guard so you can take advantage of our bottle’s spill-proof tops. Our stainless steel water coolers are the perfect option for homes and offices looking for an upscale look from their cooler to match their home or office’s decor.

Contact us today to order a stainless steel water cooler for your home or office.