Water Coolers

Dispensers – we have all kinds of dispensers – from stainless steel hot & cold bottled water coolers to bottom load coolers to remote pumping systems which can feed your refrigerator water supply with the great taste of DrinkMore Water!

Their Water Coolers – we don’t buy cheap water coolers – like the water coolers you see for sale at the big box home improvement stores, the ginormous retailer “marts”, and the office supply depots.  Those are water coolers made for the mass merchandiser market.  They’re cheap.  They can’t be repaired.  They have a 1-year warranty.  They’re not very good.  No one at the store knows anything about them.  No one knows how to sanitize them properly.  They are merely an appliance in a box – with zero support.  We’ve have literally seen it all.  Coolers that taste like plastic because the materials used to fabricate them in China were not up to spec.  We’ve seen coolers that simply didn’t work right out of the box.  We’ve seen people call us and ask if we can fix one of these disposable coolers (yes – the answer is NO – they cannot be fixed – they are designed to be thrown away!).  We have seen it all.

Our Water Coolers – let’s get something straight – our bottled water coolers are manufactured by Crystal Mountain – THE best water cooler company out there bar none.  We carry a wide range of Crystal Mountain coolers – Hot & Cold coolers, Cook & Cold coolers, White coolers, black coolers, short coolers, tall coolers, stainless steel coolers, countertop coolers, bottom load coolers, sleek coolers – BUT – the one kind of cooler we don’t carry is the CHEAP cooler!!  We sell coolers and we rent coolers.  When a customer buys a cooler from us – we stand behind it.  DrinkMore Water stands behind it.  You don’t have to go wait in line to talk to someone who doesn’t know the difference between a water cooler and a water fountain!  You call us if you have a problem.  We buy the best coolers for one simple reason – we DON’T want you calling us to report that your water cooler doesn’t work, or it just stopped working, or it makes ridiculous sounds, or it tastes like plastic.  We DON’T want those calls. We want you calling us because you LOVE US!!!

So, to repeat, we DON’t buy CHEAP coolers.  And one thing that ALL of our coolers comes with is a special device called a Dry-guard.  This gizmo is money.  It makes loading a bottle easy – no more spilling.  It also helps prevent water from leaking on the floor if there is a leak in one of your bottles.  That comes standard on our coolers.  That does not come at all on CHEAP store coolers.

And finally, our water coolers come with a 5-year warranty on the compressor – which is the only real moving part besides the spigot.  The compressor is the most important part of your water cooler – 5 year warranty!! So, if you get the urge to buy a cheap cooler – just remember, please don’t fall in love with it – because you’ll be buying another one in a year or two!!

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