Why Drink Purified Water?

Let’s face it, there are many choices out there when it comes to the water you drink. You can drink it straight from the tap, you can buy it at the grocery store, you can put a filter on your faucet or in a pitcher, or you can buy bottled water (and there seems to be no shortage of different kinds of bottled water). Then there is the whole “enhanced water” category.  But how do you choose which is best? Is there really a difference between all of these types of waters? What kind of water do you drink? What kind of water should you be drinking?

As consumers, we don’t have a lot of expertise to sort through the claims made by various water companies (from filter companies to the municipal suppliers to the bottled water companies). All too often, the choice is made on image, or even worse, price. That’s what happens when you don’t have enough information to make a more logical and reasoned choice. That’s what this website is all about – giving you the information and tools to analyze your options about water. When you do that, you’ll choose DrinkMore Water.

Let’s start with a more technical definition of “Purity”. Purity is often represented numerically by “Total Dissolved Solids”, or “TDS”, which measures the concentration of soluble impurities in pure H2O. TDS is measured in terms of parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per liter (mg/l). The EPA stipulates that tap water should have no more than 500 ppm of impurities (of all kinds) in the water.  DrinkMore Water’s purification system removes more than 99.5% of the impurities found in the tap water.  That’s correct – 99.5%.

Now, there are lots of contaminants found in tap water.  You’ve read stories about those contaminants.  Things like endocrine disruptors, things like pharmaceutical drugs, rocket fuel, chromium, the list goes on and on.  Think about it.  Water is the universal solvent.  It dissolves just about everything given enough time.  In the Washington, DC area – our tap water comes mostly from the Potomac River – just imagine what has been dissolved in that river.  The answer to that question is why you should drink purified water.  It’s about the health and purity of the water and the purity of DrinkMore Water’s bottled water stands second to none.  Why risk your health or the health of your family?  Choose purified water and don’t don’t risk anything.

Many customers ask about the various enhanced waters out in the marketplace.  Oh, there are waters that claim to be smart, waters that claim to be nutritious, and waters that will give you a pick-me up, waters that will replenish your electrolytes, and probably waters that will get your children into Harvard.  Take a look at the ingredient list.  Take a look at the price.  Don’t want to say anything bad about them, but is that what you want to drink day-in and day out?  Is that really what you want to enjoy with your dinner? It’s definitely not what you want to put into your coffee maker!! By the way, did you know that purified water makes your coffee taste better because there aren’t the contaminants that can mask the true taste of your coffee.  Plus, as an added benefit, your coffee machine will last much longer than if you used tap water or spring water.  Why? Because those waters have minerals which deposit on heating elements that ultimately results in coffee machine failure.